10 Exercícios sobre Presente Contínuo e Passado Contínuo em Inglês

Questão 01 sobre Presente Contínuo e Passado Contínuo em Inglês: (UNESP) Assinale a alternativa que preenche CORRETAMENTE cada lacuna da frase apresentada.

I __________ to the radio every day, but I __________ listening to it now.

A) listen … am not
B) listened … had
C) listening … was not
D) was listening … not
E) not listen … was

Questão 02. (Cesgranrio) Indicate the alternative that BEST completes the following sentence. “He ___________ the ___________ now.”

A) could remind – girls’ name
B) has reminded – girl’s name
C) is remembering – girl’s name
D) reminds – name of the girl
E) remembers – girl’s name

Questão 03. (Mackenzie-SP) Indicate the alternative that BEST completes the following sentence. “She __________ his proposal, but she __________ a decision for a while.”

A) considers – doesn’t need to make
B) is considering – doesn’t want to make
C) has considered – had to take
D) has been considering – is taking
E) considered – needs to take

FJP-MG – 2010
Fraud Spotlight on Hollywood

By Matthew Garrahan in Los Angeles and Brooke
Masters in New York
Published: August 9 2009 18:59

Hollywood studios and film producers are set to face increasing scrutiny from anti-fraud officials, as a result of a trial involving incidents in Bangkok that could have repercussions across the entertainment sector. Gerald Green, an American film producer, and his wife, Patricia, are alleged to have violated the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) by paying bribes to a Thai tourism official. It is claimed that the alleged bribes were offered to obtain contracts to run an international film festival in Bangkok. Mr Green and his wife have pleaded not guilty to bribery charges. The Green‘s trial in Los Angeles, which is entering its second week, is the first FCPA case to involve the entertainment industry. The case suggests that Hollywood has joined the pharmaceuticals and energy industries as a target of anti-fraud enforcers at the US department of justice. The new interest of FCPA in Hollywood could become a severe headache for studios and producers that shoot films in international locations. The Green‘s trial is likely to be followed by more FCPA investigations in Hollywood, Jonathan Drimmer, a former DoJ lawyer, said. “The
justice department identifies a practice [in a particular industry] and then suddenly they go across that industry in a lateral manner. They did it with the medical device industry and they did it with oil and gas companies.”
Available at:<http://www.ft.com/home/us>. Accessed: Aug. 9th, 2009.

Questão 04 sobre Presente Contínuo e Passado Contínuo em Inglês: Some incidents in Bangkok have brought all of the following consequences, EXCEPT:

A) A trial was led to verify the recent incidents which occurred.
B) Authorities have decided to put anti-fraud officials on trial.
C) The incident may bring repercussions to the entertainment world.
D) There is bound to be a closer look into Hollywood and film producers.

Questão 05. The incident the article is talking about involves a/an:

A) alleged assault by a Thai tourism official.
B) claim that the Thai tourism official is dishonest.
C) possible bribe of a Thai tourism official.
D) violation of the law by a Thai tourism official.

Questão 06. According to the article, pharmaceuticals and energy industries are:

A) other entities scrutinized by the US department of justice.
B) involved in the making of a film festival in Bangkok.
C) helping Hollywood to increase the entertainment industry.
D) enforcers of the cases scrutinized by the department of justice.

Questão 07. The article shows that the incident, followed by the trial and the interest of the FCPA, may:

A) bring a lot of problems for studios and producers.
B) help Hollywood produce more films abroad.
C) launch the entertainment industry upwards.
D) stop producers from filming in international locations.

Izabela Hendrix-MG

Izabela Hendrix-MG
LYNN, Loreta. Quotable quotes. Reader’s Digest, Aug. 1998, p. 61.

Questão 08 sobre Presente Contínuo e Passado Contínuo em Inglês: The sentence above makes it clear that people are always involved in

A) common activities.
B) quantitative work.
C) identical matters.
D) ordered happenings.
E) competitive situations.

Questão 09. It is Loreta Lynn’s belief that when a person is not number one or exceptionally good compared to others, he / she must be:

A) similar to other people.
B) perfect men or women.
C) as ordinary as others.
D) an unusual person.
E) as common as others.

Questão 10 sobre Presente Contínuo e Passado Contínuo em Inglês: We can infer from the text that when someone is not number one:

A) he / she cannot be successful in any other way.
B) nobody will let him / her experience success.
C) he / she must find other ways to be successful.
D) there is no other way for him / her to be successful.
E) people will help this person to be unsuccessful in life.

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Gabarito com as respostas da lista de exercícios sobre Presente Contínuo e Passado Contínuo em Inglês:

01. A;

02. C;

03. B;

04. B;

05. C;

06. A;

07. A;

08. E;

09. D;

10. C

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