Exercícios sobre Voz Passiva em Inglês

01. Voz Passiva em Inglês: (CESCEA-SP) The money _________ by an unknown person.
A) was stolen D) has stolen
B) stolen E) were
C) have been stolen


02. (ITA-SP) He _________ to bed as soon as he got to the hospital, wasn’t he?
A) put D) was put
B) was putting E) puts
C) will put


03. (OSEC-SP) A wonderful house ____________ by him yesterday.
A) have been sold D) has been sold
B) has be sold E) has sold
C) was sold


04. (CESCEM-SP) He is ______________ to the doctor.
A) being taken D) taking
B) being taking E) been taken
C) took


05. Voz Passiva em Inglês: (FAAP-SP) Great discoveries ______________ in this country.
A) is D) were been made
B) was E) have been made
C) was been made


Questões sobre Conjunções Coordenas, Subordinadas e Correlativas em Inglês.


06. Voz Passiva em Inglês: (Mackenzie-SP) A voz passiva de “Somebody must send me the new books” é:
The new books would be sent to me.
B) The new books must be sent by somebody.
C) I must sent the new books.
D) The new books must be sent to me.
E) I will sent the new books.



07. (Mackenzie-SP) Choose the CORRECT alternative. Change the following sentence to the passive voice: “You don’t need to wind this wonderful watch.”
A) This wonderful watch isn’t needed to be wind.
B) This wonderful watch doesn’t need to be winded.
C) This wonderful watch doesn’t need to be wound.
D) This wonderful watch don’t need to be wounded.
E) You don’t need to be wounded by this wonderful watch.


08. (FMU/FIAM-SP) A forma passiva de “Nobody beat the record of this race” é:
The record of this race wasn’t beaten.
B) The record of this race was beat by nobody.
C) The record of this race was beaten by nobody.
D) Nobody is beat by the record of this race.
E) Nobody was beat the record of this race.


09. (OSEC-SP) Procure a sentença que esteja na voz ativa e identifique a alternativa correspondente na voz passiva. It has been estimated that there are now fewer than 2,000 Blue Whales in the Antarctic. They should ban whale-hunting.
A) Blue Whales have been estimated fewer than 2,000.
B) In the Antarctic, Blue Whales would be banned.
C) Whale-hunting is banned in the Antarctic.
D) Something has been estimated and banned.

E) Whale-hunting should be banned.


10. Voz Passiva em Inglês: (UFPI) Assinale a voz passiva de “Nobody had punished the boy”.
The boy was not punished.
B) The boy had punished nobody.
C) The boy had not been punished by nobody.
D) The boy nobody had punished.
E) The boy had not been punished.


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Gabarito com as respostas das atividades de Inglês sobre Voz Passiva em Inglês:

01. A; 02. D; 03. C; 04. A; 05. E; 06. D; 07. C; 08. A; 09. E; 10. E

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