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Texto para as questões 01 até 04 sobre Past and Present Continuous. FATEC-SP–2011 Haiti’s indentured childrenThe days after Haiti’s earthquake brought joyous reunions for some families. Others faced the grim reality that they’d been suddenly robbed of parents or offspring. But for Haiti’s 225,000 restaveks, or indentured children, the quake brought only an uncertain future. … Leia mais

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Questão 01 sobre Present Continuous and Past Continuous Tenses: (UFMG–2007 / 2ª etapa) Using the verbs in parentheses, COMPLETE the sentences with the appropriate verbal forms. A) A study from King’s College London _________________ (suggest) that ___________________ (chew) gum after meals____________________(fight) acid reflux. B) An apple a day _______________(keep) the doctor away_______________(not be) really that far … Leia mais