Reported Speech 11 Exercises para Enem e Vestibular

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Reported Speech Exercises: Unimontes-MG–2007Skinny Barbie blamed over eating disorders Barbie dolls may contribute to eating disorders in adolescence, according to new research. The study found that the Barbie dolls, which are far thinner than traditional shapes, particularly at the waist, make girls want to be unrealistically slim when they grow up.The researchers from two British … Leia mais

10 Exercícios de Língua Inglesa sobre Reported Speech

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Questão 01 sobre Reported Speech: UFOP-MG–2009Teens’ online safety improved by education, research showsNew research shows that teens’ online safety is improvedby education. Researchers from the University at Buffaloand University of Maryland surveyed 285 preteens andearly teenagers, both male and female, to determine05 how important they thought it was to protect their privacyonline and whether those … Leia mais