Atividades sobre Preposições em Inglês

01. Preposições em Inglês: (Unifcado-RS) Sally borrowed it ______________ Mary.
A) at C) from E) to
B) off D) of


02. (UFAL) Let’s talk ______________ your problem.
A) to C) about E) in
B) at D) on


03. (UFU-MG) He’s coming _________________ São Paulo and he’s going __________ Brasília ___________ bus.
A) from, to, by D) out, to, in
B) to, from, by E) from, to, at
C) by, from, on


04. (FGV-SP) There was a fght _______________ two men at the offce this morning.
A) in C) between E) at
B) on D) among


05. Preposições em Inglês: (FCC-BA) There are several important differences ___________ cricket and football.
A) in C) among E) near
B) between D) to


Atividades sobre Orações Condicionais em Inglês


06. Preposições em Inglês: (FAAP-SP) I intend to travel _____________ the world __________ my brother.
A) around, with C) in, with E) from, with
B) on, for D) away, of


07. (PUC-SP) The museum is not _________________ Oxford Street.
A) between C) at E) along
B) far of D) near


08. (PUC-SP) We got ________ the bus at our destination.
A) off C) out E) away
B) of D) from


09. (ITA-SP) I am in Jundiaí, ________________ an hour I hope to be in São Paulo.
A) inside C) since E) with
B) within D) above


10. Preposições em Inglês: (Unifenas-MG) He carried the box _______________ the stairs ___________ the attic ________ his shoulder.
A) on – up – at D) near – in – at
B) up – to – on E) by – for – on
C) up -into – by


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Gabarito com as respostas do simulado sobre Preposições em Inglês:

01. C; 02. C; 03. A; 04. C; 05. B; 06. A; 07. D; 08. A; 09. B;  10. B;

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