Questões sobre Passado Perfeito e Presente Perfeito em Inglês

Passado Perfeito e Presente Perfeito em Inglês: FGV-SP–2010
Petrobras approves first offshore heavy oil development

Petrobras has approved the development project for its Siri field in the Campos basin, according to a news report from Brazil. The feld will be the first in the world (01) extra heavy oil from an offshore site. Siri feld, off the coast of Southeast Brazil, (02) in production tests since March and the company plans to contract production equipament in 2011.
Available at: <>. (Adapted).
Assinale a alternativa que completa, CORRETA e respectivamente, cada lacuna no texto.
01. A) the product
B) in production
C) will produce

D) is produced

E) to produce


02. A) would have seen
B) had been
C) were done

D) has been

E) was going



03. (UNESP) We’re still waiting for Bill. He __________ yet.
A) hasn’t come
B) haven’t come
C) didn’t come

D) doesn’t come

E) won’t come


04. (Milton Campos-MG) The Eurostar Train __________ since November 14, 1994, between London and Paris.
A) was running
B) ran
C) is running

D) has been running

E) have run


05. Passado Perfeito e Presente Perfeito em Inglês: (PUC-Campinas-SP) Although they _________ in the country since they got married, they are now moving to town.
A) live
B) have been living
C) are living

D) be living

E) None of the above applies.


Atividades sobre Futuro Simples em Inglês.

06. Passado Perfeito e Presente Perfeito em Inglês: (ITA-SP) Mr. Smith, accompanied by his wife and three children, _________ just arrived.
A) have
B) has

C) was 

D) were

E) are


07. (Milton Campos-MG) Brazilian coffee ___________ competition on the international market since its price started going up.
A) is losing
B) lost
C) loses

D) has been losing

E) have lost


08. (UFG) Why _______ those people singing? Because they _______ gotten some good news.
A) are, have
B) is, have
C) have, had

D) was, has

E) was, had


09. (UFES) They _______ in this city since they were little boys.
A) had lived
B) are living

C) lived 

D) live

E) have lived


10. Passado Perfeito e Presente Perfeito em Inglês: (ITA-SP) Sara _______ classes lately, has she?
A) didn’t attend
B) hasn’t attended
C) doesn’t attend

D) hadn’t attended

E) haven’t attended


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Gabarito com as respostas dos exercícios de Inglês sobre Passado Perfeito e Presente Perfeito em Inglês:

01. E;

02. D;

03. A;

04. D;

05. B;

06. B;

07. D;

08. A;

09. E;

10. B;

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