Simulado sobre Pronomes Relativos em Inglês

Questão 01 sobre Pronomes Relativos em Inglês: (Unificado-RJ) In the sentence “[…] it’s time to meet people who work from their homes”, the pronoun who can be replaced by that. Mark the option that can  ONLY be completed with the relative pronoun who.

A) That is the consultant ______________ I met in São Paulo last week.
B) My brother, ______________ works as a consultant, makes much money.
C) Would you like to work with bosses ______________ are understanding?
D) Employees ________________ work from home part of the time are happier.
E) The telecommuter to __________________ I was introduced yesterday is Asian.

Questão 02. (Milton Campos-MG) There ISN’T a relative pronoun in:

A) One of the survivors is the captain of the ship that sank.
B) Nine people are in a lifeboat that was built to hold five.
C) Parents say that public schools make their children criminals.
D) People in every part of the world complain about the problem of education which they receive.
E) The only people who seem satisfied are the ones who don’t go to school.

Questão 03. (PUCPR) Fill in the blanks with a relative pronoun. The flower exhibit __________ was held in the Botanical Garden in Curitiba last September showed beautiful orchids from all over the world.

A) whose
B) whom
C) that
D) where
E) who

Questão 04. (Mackenzie-SP) The writer, ___________ writes are about scientific fiction, deserves his popularity. Choose the BEST alternative for the blank space above.

A) who
B) which
C) that
D) whose
E) whom

Questão 05 sobre Pronomes Relativos em Inglês: (ITA-SP) Assinale a opção CORRETA.

A) Some of the boys whom I invited in them didn’t come.
B) Some of the boys whose I invited them didn’t come.
C) Some of the boys I invited them didn’t come.
D) Some of the boys I invited didn’t come.
E) None of these.

Questão 06. (UFSCar-SP) Tell me ___________ you that.

A) whom told
B) who told
C) who
D) whose
E) whom

Questão 07. (UFV-MG) The student __________ lost his book is waiting in the office.

A) which
B) what
C) who
D) whose
E) whom

Questão 08. (UFLA-MG) That is the writer _________ book we bought yesterday.

A) whom
B) who
C) whose
D) which
E) that

Questão 09. (PUC-Campinas-SP) I can’t find the student _________.

A) what books were lost.
B) which lost his book.
C) lost his books.
D) whose books it was lost.
E) who lost his books.

Questão 10 sobre Pronomes Relativos em Inglês: (FCMSC-SP) Milton Nascimento’s latest record ________ I bought yersterday is extraordinary.

A) who
B) whom
C) what
D) which
E) whose

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Gabarito com as respostas das atividades de Idiomas Estrangeiros sobre Pronomes Relativos em Inglês:

01. B;

02. C;

03. C;

04. D;

05. D;

06. B;

07. C;

08. C;

09. E;

10. D;

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