Simulado de Inglês com Exercícios sobre Interrogative Adverbs

simulado completo de língua inglesa sobre os Interrogative Adverbs

Exercícios sobre Interrogative Adverbs: FCMMG–2007 TEXT II Childhood Leukaemia Risk Doubles Within 100 Metres of High-Voltage Power Lines Category: Cancer / Oncology NewsArticle Date: 15 Sep 2004 – 9:00 p.m. (PDT) The biggest ever publicly funded UK study into powerlines and child cancer has found that children underthe age of 15 living within 100 metres … Leia mais

Lista de Questões de Inglês sobre Interrogative Adverbs

simulado completo de inglês sobre Interrogative Adverbs

Interrogative Adverbs: UFV-MG–2006 Who Lives Longer?How to live longer is a topic that has fascinatedmankind for centuries. Today scientists are beginningto separate the facts from the fallacies surrounding theaging process. Why is it that some people reach a ripe05 old age and others do not? Several factors influencinglongevity are set at birth, but surprisingly, many … Leia mais

12 Exercícios sobre Advérbios Interrogativos em Inglês

questões sobre Advérbios Interrogativos em Inglês

Questão 01 sobre Advérbios Interrogativos em Inglês: (UFMG–2009 / 2ª etapa) Suppose you work as an interviewer for a volunteering program in Brazil. You are going to conduct a phone interview with some candidates in English. Your boss gave you the following questions in Portuguese to help you. TRANSLATE them into English. A) Qual é o … Leia mais