Questões sobre Conjunções Coordenas, Subordinadas e Correlativas em Inglês

01. Conjunções Coordenas, Subordinadas e Correlativas em Inglês: (AFA-SP) Which alternative completes meaningfully the sentence below?
“_______ the possibility of an awful storm they decided not to _________ the match that ________ scheduled.”
A) Because / win / is
B) Although / play / was
C) However / cancel / isn’t
D) In spite of / call off / had been



02. (UFBA) As orações se completam, com coerência de sentido, em:
01. She is going to travel to London /
MOREOVER she mustn’t be prepared.
02. Living in anothe r country is a challenge /
HOWEVER it’s important for our lives.
04. You need to present all your documents, /
EVEN THOUGH you have a trustful appearance.
08. Students become stressed at the airport /
BECAUSE they have a good background.
16. They are afraid of immigration offcers, /
THEREFORE they feel nervous.
Soma ( )


03. (FCMMG) In the sentence “Otherwise, it’s smart to start now with ‘clean living’ and regular check-ups”, otherwise means:
A) whereas.
B) however.
C) meanwhile.
D) nevertheless.
E) in another way.


04. (Milton Campos-MG) Alcoholism seems to be a problem everywhere, except in places where there is no alcohol. Everybody knows that alcoholism is bad, except the alcoholics. Maybe they know something that normal people don’t.
G. A. Cheney

Check the synonyms for the underlined words:
I. “Except”
A) Occasionally
B) Surely
C) But
D) Despite
E) Certainly

II. “Maybe”
A) Likely
B) Probable
C) Perhaps
D) For sure
E) Obviously


05. Conjunções Coordenas, Subordinadas e Correlativas em Inglês: (Milton Campos-MG) “Not every student with ability goes to college, however.”
A) Despite.
B) Though.
C) Whether.
D) Unless.
E) As long as.


Questões Curtas e Advérbios da Língua Inglesa.


06. Conjunções Coordenas, Subordinadas e Correlativas em Inglês: (UFV-MG) The word actually, in the sentence “There are actually many expenses such as books, dormitory costs and laboratory fees”, means
A) at the moment.
B) in fact.
C) these days.

D) now.

E) today.


07. (UEL-PR) I won’t go to bed _______ I fnish my book report.
A) to
B) but
C) for
D) until
E) because


08. (UFMA) Qual o significado da palavra sublinhada? The Teatro Amazonas is a magnificent Opera House in Manaus. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss it.
A) Todavia
B) Portanto
C) Entretanto
D) Mesmo assim
E) Muito embora


09. (UFV-MG) “Yet the truth is that something happened to Worden as he orbited the Moon alone.” An APPROPRIATE synomym for yet in the sentence above is:
A) already.
B) almost.
C) again.

D) till.

E) however.


10. Conjunções Coordenas, Subordinadas e Correlativas em Inglês: (FMABC-SP–2010) No trecho a seguir “In the history of the virus, laboratory-related infection has been a primary method of transmission; therefore, utmost  caution is needed when handling the virus in a laboratory setting”, a palavra therefore pode ser substituída, sem mudar o sentido, por:


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Gabarito com as respostas dos exercícios de Inglês sobre Conjunções Coordenas, Subordinadas e Correlativas em Inglês:

01. D;

02. Soma = 22 (2 + 4 + 16);

03. E;

04. I. C;
II. C;

05. B;

06. B;

07. D;

08. B;

09. E;

00. A;

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