10 Atividades sobre Orações Condicionais em Inglês

Questão 01 sobre Orações Condicionais em Inglês: (ITA-SP) Lady Astor MP: “If you (I) my husband, I (II) poison your coffee”.
Churchill: “If you (III) my wife, I (IV) drink it.”

Os termos que MELHOR preenchem as lacunas I, II, III e IV são:
A) were (I), would (II), were (III), had (IV).
B) was (I), would (II), was (III), would (IV).
C) were (I), had (II), were (III), had (IV).
D) was (I), could (II), was (III), would (IV).
E) were (I), would (II), were (III), would (IV).

Questão 02. (ITA-SP) Leia a seguir o comentário publicado pela revista Newsweek: “He had lots of German in him. Some Irish. But no Jew. I think that if he (I) a little Jew he (II) it out”. (Singer Courtney Love, on the suicide of her rockstar husband, Kurt Cobain.)

As lacunas I e II do comentário anterior devem ser preenchidas, respectivamente, por:
A) I- had had, II- would have stuck
B) I- has had, II- would stick
C) I- have had, II- had had stuck
D) I- had had, II- had stuck
E) I- had, II- would stuck

Questão 03. (Mackenzie-SP) Indicate the alternative that BEST completes the following sentence.
“If you had taken my advice, you ____________.”

A) would learned the lesson
B) would have learnt the lesson
C) should learned the lesson
D) would learn the lesson
E) should understand the lesson

Questão 04 sobre Orações Condicionais em Inglês: (VUNESP) Assinale a alternativa CORRETA.
I did not think she _________ come.

A) was
B) were
C) would
D) don’t
E) doesn’t

(ITA-SP) A questão 05 deve ser respondida com base no texto a seguir.

Privacy on parade
New technologies allow total strangers to know almost everything about a person. Author Peter F. Eder writes about the ongoing invasion of personal privacy will get much worse unless better safeguards are quickly established.
THE FUTURIST, 28(4): 38-42, July/August 1994.

Questão 05. De que forma o trecho “[…] unless better safeguards are quickly established” poderia ser reescrito, sem alteração do significado do texto?

A) […] if better safeguards are established quickly.
B) […] if better safeguards quickly established.
C) […] if better safeguards are not quickly established.
D) […] when better safeguards are quickly established.
E) […] when better safeguards are not established.

Questão 06. (FCMMG) Fill in the blank with the CORRECT alternative. If the government hadn’t promoted such campaigns, a lot of children _____________ died.

A) had
B) have
C) would
D) would be
E) would have

Questão 07. (FCMMG) Fill in the blank with the CORRECT alternative. If the early human hunters hadn’t developed a method to refuel quickly, they ___________ survived.

A) had
B) would
C) should
D) should have
E) would not have

Questão 08 sobre Orações Condicionais em Inglês: (PUC Rio) Mark the option that completes the following sentence CORRECTLY.
If Americans had been given more Medicare than guns, they ___________ safer.

A) felt
B) would feel
C) will feel
D) will have felt
E) would have felt

Questão 09. (Milton Campos-MG) If he _______ a sailor, he _______ everyone in the boat.

A) were / will save
B) was / will save
C) is / would save
D) were / would save
E) are / would save

Questão 10 sobre Orações Condicionais em Inglês: (UFV-MG) If I _______ money, I ________ to Europe.

A) had / would go
B) have / went
C) had / will go
D) have / would have gone
E) have / would go

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Gabarito com as respostas da lista com 10 atividades sobre Orações Condicionais em Inglês:

01. E;

02. A;

03. B;

04. C;

05. C;

06. E;

07. E;

08. E;

09. D;

10. A

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