Simulado com atividades sobre Pronomes em Inglês

01. Pronomes em Inglês: (UFBA) She determined to make something of ___________.
A) myself
B) himself

C) herself 

D) itself

E) oneself


02. (UFV-MG) Mary got a new bike for ___________ birthday, and ___________ brother got one too.
A) hers – his
B) her – her
C) yours – her

D) you – his

E) hers – you



03. (PUC Minas) The poet ___________ was seen trying out combination of lights.
A) myself
B) itself
C) himself

D) oneself

E) yourself


04. (UFES) The women decided to do all the work by ___________.
A) herself
B) ourselves
C) myself

D) themselves

E) himself


05. Pronomes em Inglês: (UFSC) Ethics means the study of right and wrong. Now, choose the CORRECT form which is a substitute for the boldface word.
A) Their
B) She
C) Its

D) They

E) It



Atividades sobre Artigos em Inglês.



Pronomes em Inglês: Text for questions 06 to 11

World Diabetes Foundation Website

The foundation’s aim is to raise awareness of diabetes worldwide, with a special emphasis on developing countries. A key activity is funding projects (142 so far) that raise awareness, improve education and build capacity at local, regional and global levels. The website contains details of all ongoing projects, including details of the project budgets and individuals responsible for running them, the expected impacts and results so far. Importantly, the foundation prioritizes monitoring and evaluation of its projects to learn key lessons for the future and minimise the risk of project failure. As with any disease, and particularly those in developing countries, the health economics are important. The website has a useful tool for calculating the economic cost of diabetes in a particular country that allows the user to change variables such as population, prevalence and so on.
Available at: <> (adapted). Accessed: August 11th, 2010.


06. After reading the text, we can state that it intends to:
A) entertain people as it raises awareness of diabetes worldwide.
B) persuade people to control the budgets of health systems worldwide.
C) give information about the World Diabetes Foundation Website.
D) convince people to fund projects of diabetes treatments worldwide.
E) stimulate people’s concerns about health systems and policies worldwide.


07. Pronomes em Inglês: The text reports a foundation which:
A) manages international diabetes websites in developing countries.
B) focuses on people’s consciousness towards diabetes, especially in developing countries.
C) promotes diabetes treatments for the population in developing countries.
D) rules the budgets of ongoing diabetes projects in developing countries through the website.
E) analyses the population of developing countries to create health policies on the website.


08. It is possible to conclude that the funding of projects aims to
A) improve the quality and the aspects of diabetes treatments.
B) help people to extinguish diabetes in developing countries.
C) build economical capacity at local, regional and global levels.
D) increase people’s awareness about health issues.
E) secure health treatment in non-developing countries.


09. A expressão so far, na frase a seguir, pode ser entendida como “A key activity is funding projects (142 so far) that raise awareness, improve education and build capacity at local,
regional and global levels.”
A) “até o momento”.
B) “no máximo”.
C) “e assim por diante”.

D) “em um futuro próximo”.

E) “no mínimo”.


10. It is stated in the text that the World Diabetes Foundation:
A) calculates the capacity of diabetes recovery.
B) assesses the results of diabetes and its risk.
C) communicates about the funding of diabetes projects.
D) analyses the general aspects of health systems worldwide.
E) informs about the lack of government commitment towards diabetes.


11. Pronomes em Inglês: The foundation’s website has a tool to:
A) develop important dicussions for the struggle against the disease.
B) calculate the economic cost of diabetes in a particular country.
C) calculate health economics and policies in developing countries.
D) develop social security on project risks in developing countries.
E) calculate the risk of a health project failure in particular countries.


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Gabarito com as respostas dos exercícios de inglês sobre Pronomes em Inglês:

01) c;

02) b;

03) c;

04) d;

05) e;

06. C;

07. B;

08. D;

 09. A;

10. C; 

11. B

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