11 Exercícios de Inglês sobre Verbo Frasal e Falsos Cognatos

Verbo Frasal e Falsos Cognatos: UFMG – Texto para as questões de 01 até 06

Migration: A force of history

A force of history

Historically, the net effect of migration has been a benign one

I was born in one continent, moved to a second
and settled in a third. Asia, Africa and Europe; Sri
Lanka, Ghana and Britain. They are stepping stones
to a better life, landmarks along the journey of one
05 migrant family.
Our motivation for leaving the land of our birth
over 40 years ago was no different to the reason
so many make similar journeys today. The fact
that these latter-day migrants are willing to risk
10 so much underlines a fundamental truth about
migration – the movement of people from poor and
failing states to rich and stable ones is as inevitable as
water running downhill. If water is a force of nature,
then migration is a force of history. The challenge is
15 not to try to stop it but how to manage it. Historically,
the net effect of migration has been a benign one.
Where would America be without the unparalleled
movement of Irish people in the mid-to-late 19th
century? Where would modern Australia be if it had
20 continued to rely solely on the flow of people from the
“mother” country?
When I discuss migration with people who have
a rather different take on it, there is always that
comical moment when they realise that – despite my
25 English tones – I am an immigrant. An embarrassed
“oh but you are different” is the best they can offer to
hide their prejudice. My answer is always the same.
There is just as much chance that the timid Kosovan
child who enrols in a school today will one day go on to
30 read the news on the BBC. I am where I am because
I’ve been able to take advantage of the opportunities
offered by a Britain at its best – a land of hope that
is open and confident. To deny these chances to a
new generation of migrants would be an injustice to
35 the individuals concerned but, more important, it would
mark a profound loss of faith in our nation’s place in this
new century of globalisation.
ALAGIAH, George. Available at: <http://www.bbc.co.uk>. (Adapted).

Questão 01 sobre Verbo Frasal e Falsos Cognatos: The author compares migration to running water because both are:

A) occasionally controlled.
B) historical processes.
C) impossible to stop.
D) stable movements.

Questão 02. Alagiah says that migration has a positive effect. To prove his point, he:

A) questions the help the Irish immigrants gave America in the past.
B) contrasts Australian and American immigrants who left for Europe.
C) mentions two well-known historical migration movements.
D) tells his own family story in order to give readers an example.

Questão 03. According to the author, the quote “oh but you are different” (line 26) reflects people’s:

A) prejudices.
B) hopes.
C) origins.
D) realizations.

Questão 04. The author compares himself to a Kosovan child to imply that he”

A) suffered no prejudice on the part of the BBC.
B) believes schools today are as good as before.
C) is not at all different from other immigrants.
D) was also timid when he first got to Britain.

Questão 05. According to the text, which place does the author seem to consider his nation?

A) Ghana.
B) Australia.
C) Britain.
D) Sri Lanka.

Questão 06. People who “have a rather different take on it” (lines 22-23) have a different:

A) occupation.
B) birthplace.
C) culture.
D) opinion.

Verbo Frasal e Falsos Cognatos: USP–2010 – Texto para as questões 07 até 11 sobre Verbo Frasal e Falsos Cognatos:

imigrantes passeata

America receives more immigrants than any other
country. But its system for dealing with them is a model
of dysfunctionality, with 11.9 m illegally present in 2008,
up 42% since 2000. Past efforts at reform have failed
05 dismally. In 2006 protesters filled city streets after the
House of Representatives passed a bill making illegal
immigration a felony; but the proposal failed to pass
muster in the Senate. The Senate’s own effort in 2007
fared even worse. Police clashed with a crowd in Los
10 Angeles. Opponents of reform barraged senators with so
many calls that their phone system crashed. The Senate’s
bill, designed to please all sides, ended up pleasing no one.
Now Washington may try again. With a wretched
economy and long to-do list, it hardly seems an
15 opportune moment. Advocates contend that bringing
immigrants’ shadow economy into the light will fatten
tax rolls, end the abuse of illegal workers, improve wages
for all and spur economic growth. Historically, however,
downturns have prompted Americans to shun foreigners,
20 not welcome them.
THE ECONOMIST, Apr. 18-24, 2009, p. 27. (Adapted).

Questão 07. O texto informa que:

A) a imigração ilegal tem sido tema de discussão no Senado e na Câmara americana nos últimos anos.

B) os Estados Unidos recebem um número grande de imigrantes, sobretudo em Los Angeles.

C) alguns países possuem modelos de imigração mais funcionais do que os Estados Unidos.

D) as reformas relativas à imigração nos Estados Unidos têm sido apresentadas em número suficiente.

E) os pedidos de imigração para os Estados Unidos ultrapassam o máximo oficialmente autorizado pelo Senado.

Questão 08. Segundo o texto, a proposta de controle de imigração ilegal apresentada pelo Senado em 2007:

A) não foi aprovada pela Câmara dos Deputados.
B) foi questionada por órgãos públicos, como a polícia.
C) não foi aprovada por qualificar como crime a imigração ilegal.
D) foi rejeitada por todos, reformistas, opositores e outras autoridades.
E) teve apoio de vários políticos do partido no poder, mas não dos opositores.

Questão 09. De acordo com o texto, discutir a questão da imigração agora:

A) limita a possibilidade de propostas oportunistas.
B) é uma boa tentativa para resolver o problema.
C) não parece muito oportuno.
D) não impede que discussões mais detalhadas ocorram no futuro.
E) minimiza as críticas que Washington teme receber.

Questão 10. De acordo com o texto, para os defensores da reforma:

A) os Estados Unidos só têm a ganhar em termos políticos, econômicos e sociais com a regulamentação da imigração.

B) as perdas possíveis com a reforma limitam-se ao aumento de pedidos de imigração.

C) a regularização dos imigrantes ajudará os Estados Unidos a enfrentar a crise econômica porque mais impostos serão pagos.

D) o crescimento econômico do país depende, na atual conjuntura, do trabalho dos imigrantes.

E) a legalização dos imigrantes já contribuiu para a melhoria de salários e de condições trabalhistas para todos.

Questão 11 sobre Verbo Frasal e Falsos Cognatos: O pronome their, na sentença “Opponents of reform barraged senators with so many calls that their phone system crashed.” (linhas 10-11), refere-se a:

A) policiais.
B) senadores.
C) opositores da reforma.
D) reformistas.
E) deputados.

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Gabarito com as respostas dos simulado com 11 Exercícios de língua inglesa sobre Verbo Frasal e Falsos Cognatos:

01. C;
02. C;
03. A;
04. C;
05. C;
06. D;
07. A;
08. D;
09. C;
10. A;
11. B

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