10 Exercícios sobre os Verbos Modais da Língua Inglesa

Questão 01 sobre Verbos Modais da Língua Inglesa: (Milton Campos-MG) Identify one of the following ideas in the sentence: It should be very strict.

A) Capacity
B) Advice
C) Prohibition
D) Permission
E) Conclusion

Aprenda sobre os Verbos Modais em Inglês assistindo esta vídeo aula:

Questão 02. (Cesgranrio) In one of the following sentences we cannot use the verb can because of the meaning. Mark it.

A) Those boys __________________ swim well.
B) Yes, I _______________ see them from here.
C) He has just bought a big new car, he ____________ certainly be earning a lot of money.
D) They say this herb ___________________ cure several diseases.
E) Now, after your clear explanation, I ____________ understand your point.

Questão 03. (Cesgranrio) Which is the idea expressed by may in “Caffeine may be regarded as a mildly addictive drug”?

A) Ability
B) Advice
C) Obligation
D) Necessity
E) Possibility

Questão 04. (PUC-Campinas-SP) You ought ___________ a holiday.

A) take
B) took
C) taking
D) to take
E) taken

Questão 05 sobre Verbos Modais da Língua Inglesa: (PUC-Campinas-SP) Mother to child: “You _______ tell lies.”

A) mustn’t
B) may not
C) had better
D) haven’t
E) don’t need

Questão 06. (ESPM-SP) Alfredo’s score on the test is the highest in the class; he _______________________.

A) should study last night.
B) should have studied last night.
C) must have studied last night.
D) needn’t have studied last night.
E) used to study at nights.

Questão 07. (PUCPR) My vacation is over. I ________ get back to work immediately, otherwise I’ll lose my job.

A) may
B) should
C) can’t
D) might
E) must

Questão 08. (Milton Campos-MG) Guerrilla groups in Colombia mustn’t stimulate ecological destruction. In this sentence, the underlined word entails an idea of:

A) advice.
B) ability.
C) prohibition.
D) permission.
E) absence of necessity.

Questão 09. (PUC Minas) He ______ speak Italian when he was ten years old.

A) may
B) might
C) can
D) could
E) should

Questão 10 sobre Verbos Modais da Língua Inglesa: (CESCEA-SP) I’d rather stay at home, because it _________ rain today.

A) needs not
B) have to
C) may
D) mustn’t
E) must to

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Gabarito com as respostas do simulado com 10 exercícios sobre Verbos Modais da Língua Inglesa:

01. B;

02. C;

03. E;

04. D;

05. A;

06. C;

07. E;

08. C;

09. D;

10. C

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