Revisão Básica e Técnicas de Leitura em Inglês Exercícios

Questão 01 sobre Técnicas de Leitura em Inglês: (UNITAU-SP) Assinale a alternativa que corresponde ao verbo que tem duas formas distintas para pessoas diferentes no passado simples.

A) To have.
B) To do.
C) To go.
D) To become.
E) To be.

Questão 02. (Mackenzie-SP) The question to the answer “He’s tall and thin.” would be:

A) What’s he like?
B) What is he look like?
C) How’s he?
D) What does he seem?
E) What is his description?

Texto para as questões 03 e 04

Another view on Plagiarism: The main disadvantage of doing it
Despite being forbidden by law, plagiarism arises everywhere.

It has turned into a problem, which plagues our society especially in the academic area. Texts (MARTIN, 1994) have treated the problem broadly, talking about ways to prevent it and how to teach our students to avoid doing it. But another view must be approached: who students think they are cheating? We, as teachers, must sign the disadvantages of plagiarism to our students.

Nowadays life’s fast pace along with our necessities are turning time into the most precious thing in our lives, but we can’t use the lack of it as an excuse. When college students use “sentences and structures from an author exactly as they were presented without quotations marks”, they are not only doing something wrong, but they are also missing the chance of learning, and skipping steps as reading and producing an academic text; processes that are extremely necessary to form a professional in his/her plenitude.

So if students are cheating themselves, they are missing a unique opportunity to broaden their cognitive horizons, moreover they are deceiving society. We can conclude that the main disadvantage of plagiarism strikes society in all areas, because we, ordinary citizens, are being obliged to deal with professionals getting out of college without the necessary formation.

Sergio d’Assumpção
MARTIN, Brian. Plagiarism: a misplaced emphasis. Journal of Information Ethics, vol. 3, n. 2, Fall 1994, p. 36-47, with minor editorial changes.

Questão 03. According to the text, we can state that the disadvantages of plagiarism affect:

A) only ordinary citizens that are being deceived.
B) both society in general and the students.
C) neither college students nor ordinary citizens.
D) either society in general or the students.
E) teachers and professors in the academic area.

Questão 04 sobre Técnicas de Leitura em Inglês: The word “moreover” in boldface in the text conveys the idea of:

A) addition.
B) contrast.
C) consequence.
D) purpose.
E) cause.


Good for the Heart? That’s the conclusion of a recent study that claims that caffeine can have positive effects on one’s coronary health. Women who drank more than three cups of coffee a day were seven to nine percent less likely to have high blood pressure than those abstaining from caffeine.

SPEAK UP, São Paulo: Editora Peixes, ano XIX, n. 228, May, 2006, p. 45 – with adaptations.

Questão 05. De acordo com o texto, a pesquisa defende que:

A) o café faz bem somente às mulheres.
B) o café faz bem ao coração.
C) o café deve ser evitado por quem tem pressão alta.
D) o café deve ser tomado em, no máximo, três xícaras diárias.

Questão 06. Segundo o texto, pode-se afirmar que:

A) a pesquisa constatou que as mulheres que não faziam uso de café apresentaram pressão normal.
B) a pesquisa foi realizada com mulheres que faziam uso de café e com aquelas que não o usavam.
C) a pesquisa apontou motivos relevantes para que as pessoas se abstenham de cafeína.
D) a pesquisa lançou dúvidas sobre o fato de o café fazer bem à saúde

The first case of human-to-human transmission in Britain of the swine flu virus could be confirmed today, as dozens more people are tested across the world. Graeme Pacitti, 24, who came into contact with the Scottish couple who were the first confirmed cases earlier this week of the H1N1 virus in Britain, is also a “probable” case and is having further tests, the Scottish government said.

Doctors also diagnosed three new infections in England, bringing the British total to eight confirmed cases, the Department of Health said. Two of the cases are in London and one in Newcastle. All are said to be responding well to treatment.

Earlier, the Chief Medical Officer said that Britain would see “many more cases” of swine flu, although he predicted that most people would recover. In total, 230 possible cases are being investigated in Britain.

Mr. Pacitti, an NHS worker, was put in quarantine when he fell ill after a night out with his football team, which included Iain Askham, 27, who was discharged from the hospital with his wife, Dawn, yesterday after recovering from the virus. The Askhams were the first British people to be confirmed with swine flu after they picked up the virus on their honeymoon in Mexico.

They said last night they thought they had become infected on their flight back to Britain because five men sitting close to them on their flight from Cancún to Birmingham had been coughing and sneezing throughout the journey.
Available at: <>

Questão 07. In the first paragraph, the word as in the passage – […] as dozens more people are tested across the world. – can be CORRECTLY replaced by:

A) however.
B) though.
C) whereas.
D) while.
E) because.

Questão 08 sobre Técnicas de Leitura em Inglês: O trecho do quarto parágrafo – […] 230 possible cases are being investigated […] – pode ser reescrito corretamente como:

A) they have investigated 230 possible cases.
B) 230 possible cases are investigated.
C) they investigate 230 possible cases.
D) 230 possible cases are investigating.
E) they are investigating 230 possible cases.

Questão 09. De acordo com o texto, os primeiros casos da Grã-Bretanha confirmados de terem contraído a gripe suína foram:

A) três jogadores.
B) três ingleses.
C) dois escoceses.
D) doze pessoas.
E) cinco passageiros.

Questão 10 sobre Técnicas de Leitura em Inglês: Segundo o texto:

A) cinco homens próximos a Iain e Dawn ficaram tossindo e espirrando durante o voo.
B) confirmou-se apenas um caso de gripe suína entre os passageiros do voo de Cancun.
C) Pacitti e Iain estiveram no mesmo voo de Cancun a Birmingham.
D) Iain e Dawn conversaram com vários passageiros durante a viagem.
E) Pacitti está em quarentena e adoeceu após uma viagem ao México.

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Gabarito com as respostas dos 10 exercícios de inglês sobre Técnicas de Leitura em Inglês:

01. E;

02. A; 

03. B;

04. A;

05. B;

06. B;

07. D;

08. E;

09. C;

10. A

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